Thursday, May 10, 2012

Review: Lush "No Drought" Dry Shampoo

I had been searching for a dry shampoo for ages when I stumbled across this one from Lush. I straighten my hair quite a lot, and whenever I do, it takes about 2 hours every single time. So you understand that having put two hours of manual labor into my hair the day before, I really don't feel like washing it the next day (or the day after that). Still, my hair gets quite greasy after a while so I needed something to soak up the grease.

Enter the "No Drought" Dry Shampoo from Lush. This powdery substance has a pretty strong citrus-y scent to it. It claims to give you fresh, clean-looking, great-smelling locks in no time. Just put some power on your hands, rub over your scalp and brush out the excess powder.
This dry shampoo performs really well in the soaking-up-grease department. My hair looks noticeably less greasy after I use this. It doesn't leave any white residue either (I have light brown hair), just rub it in really well and brush it out and it's all gone!
As far as making your hair smell great... not really. It does sort of get rid of that musty smell my hair has after a few days of not washing it, but not to a great extent. The citrus-y scent is quite strong, so I thought after using this dry shampoo that my hair would smell nice and citrus-y, like I had just washed it with some type of citrus scented shampoo. That wasn't really the case, my hair smelled.. less bad, but not great.
I guess you can't really expect that much from a dry shampoo, right?
If you want your hair to smell freshly washed, I guess you'll just have to... wash it!

A look at the ingredients.
Another downside to this dry shampoo is the packaging. It is absolutely impossible to apply this without making a right mess! The dry shampoos that come in spray cans are much easier to apply. But I don't expect Lush to be making any dry shampoos in spray can form, with them being focused on being organic and environmentally friendly and all that!

Overall, I like this dry shampoo, but there's room for improvement. I hear the Batiste Dry Shampoo makes your hair smell heavenly..

3 stars out of 5.

What do you think about this dry shampoo? Have you tried it? Comment below! x


  1. I really like your blog !

  2. thanks for sharing im looking for a new dry shampoo - bastiste tropical is amazing - but i now have brown hair so dont think that i can use it

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  5. cool post! I am going to buy it too now ;)

  6. I'm a huge fan of Batiste, as well as refreshing your hair, it's great for adding volume when creating styles!
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    Have a fab Sunday xoxo


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