Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Underground Creepers Review

I recently just purchased my first pair of creepers, and, not to spoil the end of this review or anything but.. I'm in love!
Underground Creepers are one of the best pairs of creepers you can get. It's a pretty well known UK brand and their creepers are famous.
I got The Underground single-sole Wulfrun creeper in black suede. They usually run around 89 pounds but I got them on sale off of Asos for around 70 pounds.

These babies are made of the best stuff, I swear. When I got them in the mail I was surprised about how heavy they were. They are sturdy. They're also made of real leather. They are pretty expensive so that's what you'd expect, right?

I would say they run pretty big. I'm a UK 6 (US 8,5) so that's what I got. I have quite a bit of room in the back when I put the shoe on and I can feel it sort of move about when I walk. A pair of thicker socks maybe would help that problem. I couldn't go a size down because a UK 5 would be too small. 

They are about as comfortable as you'd expect from a 'flatform' shoe. They aren't painful at all. Do keep in mind that the soles are heavy and thick and don't bend with your foot, so they aren't as comfortable as a sneaker would be, but still comfortable. Since mine are a little big, walking in them too long gets a little... annoying, but that's just me.

I looooove the look of these, but I'd say they're not everyone's cup of tea. When I wore them out, my friend looked at me as if I was wearing Crocs.

I really love these shoes and have been wearing them ever since I got them. I love that they're all black and go with everything. If you're on the fence about these, get 'em! :)
They are sold at:
www.asos.com (sometimes)
http://www.office.co.uk (they have GREAT deals on them sometimes, as well as many other shoes)

I don't know of any others, if you do, comment them down below!
(Another great brand of creepers is T.U.K.)

I'll be posting some outfits with me wearing them soon!

What about you guys?
Do YOU like the look of creepers or are they just not your thing?


  1. They look really comfortable... Love the blog. x :)

  2. awww I really love the creepers. Could you might do outfits you wear with them?:) love xx

  3. There is a pair of creepers I absolutely love from Underground Creepers but I am unsure about which size to choose from.
    They have 5.5 and 7. My feet have 24cm - 5/5.5 in UK. I am not sure if the 5.5 would be perfect or tight... But 7 would be surely too loose.
    Any help is appretiated<3 :-)


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